Latest News: Wednesday, September 19 2018 - 2019 news coming soon!

Des Moines Renaissance Faire

Join us in 2019 when the original Des Moines Renaissance Faire returns for its 14th event! Until then, you may read up on the history of the festival.


We will be making announcements about our 2019 events shortly. For the latest news, please join our Facebook Page.

Feel free to e-mail us with any questions.

Wednesday, September 19 2018

1:19 PM - 2019 news coming soon! (posted by Webmaster)
Details on the dates and location of the 2019 (14th!) Des Moines Renaissance Faire will be announced soon. Sign up to the mailing list, and follow our Facebook page for the latest:

Saturday, March 12 2016

3:48 PM - 2016 Announcement (posted by Webmaster)
Please visit and read the announcement on the first page. It is repeated here for your convenience:

The Des Moines Renaissance Faire is owned and produced by Festivals International of Clear Lake, Iowa. It was established in 2004, and held three events at Water Works Park and the Iowa State Fairgrounds before moving to Sleepy Hollow Sports Park in 2006. After the 10-year lease agreement with Sleepy Hollow ended in 2015, Sleepy Hollow began a new Renaissance festival at that location in 2016.

Festivals International has signed a non-compete agreement and will not host its own Des Moines based festival for three years. Visit for information about Sleepy Hollow's new event, and check back with us for more news in 2019.

This Des Moines Renaissance Faire website will contain information on the history of the thirteen Des Moines Renaissance Faires (including the ten held at Sleepy Hollow). We thank all of you who came out and joined us whichever location you attended.

Greg & Bonnie Schmidt
Festivals International
Clear Lake, Iowa

Thursday, September 17 2015

3:34 PM - This weekend (Sept 19-20) is our last weekend this year! (posted by Webmaster)
Be sure to join us THIS WEEKEND (September 19-20, 2015) for our final weekend of 2015. The theme will be "Pirates and Wenches" so feel free to dig out that Jack Sparrow T-Shirt you've been wanting to wear.

The entertainment guide was posted last night, and we will have some new acts joining us this weekend. We hope to see you!

Sunday, September 13 2015

9:23 PM - Pirates invade for our final weekend of 2015! (posted by Webmaster)
Be sure to join us for our final weekend this year as pirates and wenches take over Canterbury-on-Sherwood. The village has a different feel to it when it becomes a pirate festival, as does our torture chamber tour when it becomes a pirate themed tour. Don't miss out! And, September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Friday, September 11 2015

2:50 PM - Comedy Hamlet rescheduled (posted by Webmaster)
Comedy Hamlet will be unable to join us this weekend, but we plan to reschedule him for next weekend (September 19-20, 2015). Apparently his horse broke down...

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